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Auto mould market competition is intense High-end mould still supply

2016-10-09 00:07:46 DONGGUAN ZELIN Read

Last year, according to media statistics, nearly 110 key mould enterprises in our country, among them, the stamping die accounted for about 37%, the evidence that the data has become a fact of auto mould manufacturer in China. However, the development of Chinese auto mould is not so ideal, high-end auto mould enterprise's technical level is not up to standard, the technical innovation ability is low, the new mould research and development ability is insufficient and so on a series of reasons for this are restricts the development of our country automobile mould industry, auto mould companies cannot produce and high-end market matching mould, high-end automotive mould must also needed to rely on imports.

And domestic high-end mold enterprise occasionally because of insufficient production load, have to change the original market positioning

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