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Auto mould career change promotion trend analysis to jump in turn by the production

2016-10-09 00:14:58 DONGGUAN ZELIN Read

Import [that] flexible redundant configuration is working ability, corresponding to their workload corresponds to the horizontal position of the current position; Forecasting effort beyond the corresponding number of employees, this is the full level; For work also add value. Configuration should be according to the staff's overall quality, conditions, and factors to evaluate the ability of comprehensive and adaptation. 1, the pressure of people and objects of the configuration process and elastic dynamic redundancy configuration requirements, not only to achieve the work at full capacity (expected), and what to leave certain indoor decorate (beyond the workers), bring some positive pressure and sense of urgency. With physiological and psychological requirements of the individual, also can't go beyond the limits of physical and mental, to maintain the physical and mental health of employees. "How to" from ?

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